Phentermine Dose for Loosing Weight

Your Phentermine dose will depend on:
• How you respond to the drug
• The particular Phentermine product
• Other medical conditions you may have
• Other medications you may be currently taking. Do not adjust your Phentermine dose by yourself; you may only increase the possibility of dangerous side effects.

Dose for loosing weight

It is recommended that you start with a Phentermine 15mg, 30mg or 37,5mg capsule; you should take it one a day in the morning. Sometimes your healthcare provider may tell you to take a half of tablet twice a day, to control your appetite, but keep in mind that me may increase the risk of insomnia.

Phentermine is only for short-term use (few weeks). Do not think that if you take the drug for a longer term, it will bring more effects; you may only bring harm to your health and increase the possibility of side effects. That is why it is recommended that people who are taking the drug take it not for a longer term than 2 weeks without your healthcare providers’ advice.

General information

These are some considerations for people who are taking Phentermine or thinking to start taking:
• Phentermine should be taken once a day, by mouth with a glass of water. Some people may take the drug twice a day if needed.
• Phentermine dose can be taken before or after breakfast.
• Keep in mind that Phentermine should be taken with an appropriate diet. It will not work on its own.
• It is strongly recommended that you don’t take the drug in larger amounts or for a longer term, because it may lead to serious problems with your health.
• If you want to get the best results, take the drug as prescribed.
• If you have any questions or you are unsure about something, you can always contact your healthcare provider and get all the needed information.