What is Phentermine hcl?

Phentermine hcl is a substance that forces you to lose appetite. Phentermine hcl is short for Phentermine Hydrochloride, mostly famous as “phentermine”. Phentermine hcl is the active element that the phentermine pills contain. Phentermine is an appetite killer which was officially recognized by the FDA in 1959. In the last decade of the 20th century phentermine was recommended together with fenfluramine, one more drug of the type, in combination they exerted effective influence upon weight loss indices. This drug blend is now famous as Fen-Phen. Nevertheless in 1997 because of some heart valve problems in the midst of a certain amount of Fen-Phen users the consumption of phentermine hcl and fenfluramine was ceased and fenfluramine was withdrawn from sale.

Phentermine hcl is still supposed to be a harmless drug according to FDA and it can be found easily. Nowadays phentermine is on sale under different trade names like Adipex-P, Ionamin and Duromine. Related samples of phentermine hcl are distributed too. Phentermine hcl is kept under supervision in the United States and regarded as a Schedule IV drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

Phentermine hcl is not absolute equal with amphetamines. Phentermine hcl is assumed to serve as a weight loss remedy for the obese people and in particular those that have more than one ailment. We advise you to take phentermine hcl for a short period of time The safe period of its use is no longer than 12 weeks. Patients should change their irregularities of living while taking the medicine. Doctors lay particular stress on it.

Patients usually get used to their new life style easily because of the reduction in appetite and some nourishing effect of the medication. They should not stop their new way of eating when taking phentermine hcl is over in order not to spoil the progress. Phentermine hcl is considered to be harmful to health but like any drug has some side effects.